Jim Carrey Was On Board To Make A BRUCE ALMIGHTY Sequel In Which He Would Have The Powers Of Satan

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Jim Carrey starred in the 2003 film A week from Godin which he played a boy named Bruce who was given the powers and responsibilities of God. It was a fun film that had a positive message, and the franchise went on to make the 2007 film Evan Almighty, with Steve Carell. That movie had a Noah’s Ark theme, and it was funny and cute too, but the franchise just stopped there.

It has now been revealed that a second Bruce film has indeed been pitched and the idea has Carrey involved. In a recent interview with SYFY Wire (via CB), writers Steve Koren And Mark O’Keefe revealed that it initially pitched a sequel to the film on its opening night, tentatively titled Brucifer, which would have given Bruce the powers of Satan. Carrey loved the idea and it was pitched to Universal Pictures as in 2010, but it didn’t work out in the end.

Koren explained:

“His manager and he wanted to do Bruciferous. We went in and pitched it, but it never quite worked, because it was later… It was going to be another giant movie and I don’t think they wanted to do it. It just didn’t work for some reason, but a lot of people liked it, including Jim.”

As Koren and O’Keefe revealed, inciting Bruce’s turn to Hell allegedly involved his wife, Grace (Jennifer Aniston), be killed – and then come back in a not dissimilar way An American werewolf in London.

koren said:

“You tend to lose faith when the world seems unfair, and that’s what took him. It came from a serious place, but we were going to write it in a very friendly way. We certainly didn’t want to depress people. So I think that scared [the studio] a bit, but to Jim’s credit, he totally understood that we were going to make a great comedy and he thought everyone would be involved.”

“I remember when we launched it, he was laughing his head off,” Koren continued. “Because we brought her back as Jennifer Aniston. She said, ‘No, first she has to look like a zombie and then we’ll make her beautiful again.’ We thought she was brilliant.”

O’Keefe added:

“It would have been Job’s Trials, essentially. The world hadn’t gone his way since he was God. Everything was great for a while; he was married and everything fell apart. Again he questioned everything and then has a different way of solving things.” O’Keefe continues to describe Bruciferous as “the most convenient sequel imaginable”, given how they planned to have Beelzebub played by either Freeman or Carrey himself. “Totally different themes, of course, but everyone likes the rhythms.”

I’m sure there would have been a lot of people who would have been blown away by this storyline, but it seems like it would have been fun and ended up having the same heart as the first film. Would you have liked to see this movie happen?

by Jessica Fisher
Source: Geek Tyrant