‘The Prodigy’ and Florence Pugh’s intense preparation for the Netflix thriller

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‘The Prodigy’ and Florence Pugh’s intense preparation for the Netflix thriller – Special (Netflix)

On November 16, ‘The Prodigy’ arrived in the Netflix catalog, an intense mystery drama film that managed to win the acclaim of specialized critics, starring actress Florence Pugh, who has now revealed the intense preparation she had to play the protagonist character of is capturing the story.

It is important to underline thisThe prodigy’ Netflix is ​​inspired by a phenomenon known as “fasting women”, a mysterious fact that occurred in the Victorian era, in which women, usually pre-adolescents, claimed to be able to go long periods of time without eating any food, some even attracted the attention of the population by claiming to have some sort of religious or magical power which it allowed them to survive without eating.

This tape features Florence Pugh as Lib Wrighta nurse sent to meet one of these fasting girls, who, accompanied by a reporter, is tasked with observing the young woman over the course of two weeks and determining whether or not her food-deprived survival is a hoax, which bring this nurse to realize there’s more to the case than meets the eye.

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Without a doubt, the storyline of ‘The Prodigy’ is one of the reasons why this production has achieved great success in the catalog of the streaming giant, and so is Florence Pugh’s performance, since the actress has achieved a great level in this production thanks to its intense preparation, as revealed in a recent interview conducted by Netflix.

To play the main character in this one Netflix original movieFlorence Pugh delved into the true story of the Nightingale nurses, making her better understand the reactions of these characters in the situations that this production presents, likewise, the artist worked side by side with director Sebastián Lelio to completely build Lib Wright .

It’s always wonderful when a director tries to include you and wants your opinion,” says the actress.

Highlights of Florence Pugh from ‘The Prodigy’

What is a fact is that the Florence Pugh prepares to act ‘The prodigy’ gave a very good result, because the actress’s performance was one of the most qualified in this original tape of the streaming giant, so even for many specialists of the seventh art, the artist could be awarded in the next season for this award role.

It is worth mentioning that ‘El Prodigio’ has become a great success and has exceeded the forecasts of many specialists, leading the Netflix audience in most of the countries where this platform is present, also taking into account that it is a production that was released a few days ago, it will most likely become one of the most watched titles on this service throughout 2022.

By Orlando Medina

Source: Nacion Flix