Create a Kourtney Kardashian-inspired hot cocoa station this holiday season

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Christmas and hot chocolate go hand in hand. If having your corner of hot cocoa is something you’re looking forward to this holiday season, you’re in luck. Kourtney Kardashian and her daughter Penelope have posted a video on TikTok showing how it’s done.

In this 30-second clip, you’ll find the perfect way to satisfy your sweet tooth this holiday season, and we’ve found the perfect affordable products to help you complete the setup.

  • Hot Chocolate Bar Kit: $13.99
  • Jumbo Coffee Mug Set: $19.99 (originally $29.99)
  • Clear Mason Jars with Wooden Lids and Spoons: $29.97 (originally $33.99)
  • Hot Chocolate Bombs: $24.99
  • Tablespoons of Brown Sugar: $16.99

A festive hot chocolate station.

Hot Cocoa Station Kit: buy it on Amazon

Perfect for any winter gathering, this complete hot cocoa party kit includes a pre-strung “Hot Cocoa” banner, two bar signs, 18 marquee cards (including 6 blank), and 24 mug labels. The cards and signs are made from thick cardstock with a vibrant print. The Cacao Quente sign comes pre-assembled, so hang it above your table, coffee cart, or anywhere you like. Then simply fill the mugs with your favorite hot chocolate recipe and start enjoying winter.

A set of red mugs.

Jumbo Coffee Mug Set – Buy on Amazon

It seems the Kardashians have a huge collection of Christmas mugs. You can start yours with this set of four 24oz ceramic mugs in vibrant red, a classic holiday color. Each mug has ample space for satisfying servings of your favorite hot drink. The best part? Their neutral design makes them suitable for everyday use, long after Christmas is over. This set is apt for shoppers looking for a bargain, especially since it comes with a 17% discount and an additional 20% coupon.

A set of clear glass bottles.

Clear glass jars: buy them on Amazon

Make it easy for guests and family to prepare their own hot drinks with these clear glass jars for holding marshmallows, sprinkles and hot chocolate mix. This allows everyone to eat as much as they want. You can also get a backup set and fill the jars with candy and other goodies. Purchase the set today and enjoy a 12% discount.

A box of hot chocolate bombs.

Hot Chocolate Bombs: Buy on Amazon

Skip your usual hot chocolate concoction—you need to step up your drinking game this year. Follow Kourtney and his daughter’s suggestion by trying some hot chocolate bombs. This festive pack contains five delicious Cocoa Bombs that resemble dazzling Christmas tree decorations. They come in two flavors: dark brownie and caramel. There is also a fun surprise waiting for you in the middle. Place a bomb in a mug, add hot water and stir until it dissolves into a pile of floating marshmallows for the perfect finishing touch to your holiday drink.

A set of sugar cane spoons.

Sugarcane Spoons: Buy them on Amazon

To mix hot chocolate, you need spoons. Don’t just rummage through your utensil drawer and pull out the boring old ones — the Kardashians would be mortified. Instead, get some Christmas-themed spoons, like this packet of candy. They are not only decorative, but also edible. It’s the perfect companion to a cup of hot cocoa. Get this game today to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Get these Kardashian-inspired seasonal hot cocoa treats today

You don’t have to be on a Kardashian budget to make delicious hot chocolate at home. Grab these cheap treats from Amazon to satisfy your sugar cravings and enjoy the rest of your vacation.

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