“Interview with the Vampire” is so openly gay and excessive it could spark controversy, critics say

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Time is not reduced by ensuring that “Interview with the Vampire” “It’s the best reboot of a fantasy saga this season”. “The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power”? “The house of the dragon”? No, ‘Interview with the Vampire’. The new AMC series that updates Anne Rice’s novel adapting it to current times, Choose a seductive gay gothic love story loaded with excesses without shyness. “‘Interview With The Vampire’ puts a compelling twist on that familiar world, then comes out on top in the face of something that is putting ‘House of the Dragon’ and especially ‘Rings of Power’ to the test.”.

“This series takes the opportunity to improve against an inferior fit and is really funsomething that was inherent to the genre before he started winning Emmys and Oscars and decided to take on the prestige. “continues Judy Berman for the aforementioned North American media. “In an age where so many major projects based on big ‘brands’ are being developed focusing on their target audience to the point of being tasteless, in most cases it is pleasant to meet one who is in danger of hitting the target wildly. Watching a good fantasy series should be like stopping time, like letting yourself be influenced by the influence of a charismatic monster, like falling in love “something this television drama would accomplish.

Contrary to Time’s aforementioned enthusiasm, SlashFilm notes that while “Interview with the Vampire” “it’s pretty cool from an aesthetic point of view and has some very good things about itultimately, it does not go deeper. It’s an empty reboot that attempts to modernize its core concept to reflect our current society, only to sometimes end up looking retrograde. Rice’s “Vampire Chronicles” fans might jump on the bandwagon, but anyone unfamiliar with the source material will likely find no reason to keep watching it. If it can’t, despite being done to attract new fans with an updated story, what’s the point?.

For his part, TVLine’s Dave Nemetz confesses that he has fallen under the spell, but doubts the showing of a series that is “Hugely melodramatic and genuinely disturbing with a sumptuous visual style”noting that its drama “Sometimes it gets absurd. As fun as it is to watch ‘Interview With the Vampire’ go off the rails, [hay que mencionar que] sometimes he gets lost in his excesses, with exaggerated and noisy screaming matches lining the pitch. Slightly reminiscent of Hannibal’s wild bloodlust, but it’s not as refined as that damn masterpiece was. Anyway, this series manages to find moments of beauty amidst the aforementioned excessesso, even for a moment, this story managed to seduce me … but certain spells are destined to break. I think some will fall in love with this adaptation … and others will love to hate it”.

An undoubted chemistry

Jacob Anderson and Sam Reid embody the protagonists of ‘Interview with the Vampire’, openly manifesting couple with Louis and Lestat immersed in a relationshipwith all that that implies, according to Collider. “From the moment their characters collide on the screen, the chemistry between Anderson and Reid is electric at every moment; Lestat feels exactly what Louis wants, as Louis struggles at all times to resist the vampire’s magnetic attraction. Their connection initiates a game of cat and mouse with a perceptible inevitability that makes it clear where the tug-of-war will end, with Louis accepting Lestat’s “dark gift”. There is no ambiguity when it comes to the portrayal of their relationship both erotic and romanticalthough both are loaded with complexity and complications “.

“They are like two teenagers in love”adds TVGuide, “But they also look like an old couple on the verge of divorce. The series confirms their relationship in no uncertain terms: “He was my mentor, my lover and my creator”Louis explains to Molloy [Eric Bogosian, periodista que entrevista al vampiro], and there is an eccentric audacity in the way its dynamics are approached. Nobody feels in conflict by nature, as usual, that’s what happens here they torture each other. Should they part forever? Probably, but what’s the rush when they’re literally forever? “.

‘Interview with the Vampire’, the first series in the gothic universe conceived by AMC +, which will also bring us ‘The Mayfair Witches’; debuts October 2 in the United States. In Spain it does not yet have a release date.

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