Producer Dan Lin will not lead the charge at DC’s film and television units at Warner Bros.

We learned about that manufacturer last week Dan Lin (It: Chapter One, It: Chapter Two) was in talks with the firm to enter and take charge of DC. Warner Bros. Discovery CEO David Zaslav has been looking for the right person to lead the charge for DC’s film and television units, but it has been confirmed that that person will not be Dan Lin.

According to CNBC, Lin turned down the offer. It is explained that Lin will be staying at his Rideback company. So I guess he’s back at the drawing board and Zaslav will keep looking for a big name to try and take DC Entertainment to the next level.

Lin’s Rideback has a deal with Universal and it is explained that “Warner Bros should have folded Rideback into the studio or worked out something else.” This is one of the many reasons why the deal didn’t work.

It was previously reported that there is a ten-year plan that Zaslav hopes will allow the brand to actually compete with what Marvel Studios are doing. Zaslav said: “We think we can build a much stronger and more sustainable growth business from DC. As part of that, we will focus on quality. We won’t release any films before it’s ready … DC is something we can improve on. “.

Anyone who ends up in this executive role at WB “would ignore three separate division heads, heads of Warner Bros. Pictures Michele De Luca And Pam AbdyHBO / HBO chief Max Casey Bloyand Channing Dungey, president of Warner Bros. TV, and put control of DC in the hands of one person. “

Who do you think should lead DC at the WB?

by Joey Paur
Source: Geek Tyrant

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