The creator of “She-Hulk” confirms that Marvel has a person in charge of controlling its timeline

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Over the years, the Marvel Cinematic Universe has become increasingly complex and convoluted. After the big event of ‘Avengers: Endgame’ and the start of Phase 4 in early 2021, the UCM moved to the next level in terms of intertwined storylines and number of characters, forming a timeline (or lines) that has only gotten more complicated with the addition of the series to the franchise and the arrival of the Multiverse.

With his gift for long-term planning and attention to detail, Kevin Feige has made sure that, in the chaos that is the MCU, there is an established order. Even so, it is impossible for the task of locating individual stories and specifying the details on the basis of which no longer poses a problem. Hence, Marvel Studios has in its staff a person specifically charged with overseeing and maintaining order on your timeline. This was confirmed by “She-Hulk: Lawyer Hulka” lead writer Jessica Gao in an interview with The Direct.

Gao reiterates at the publication that ‘She-Hulk’ takes place after ‘Endgame’, despite not doing the Lapse, and then reveals that, as if it came from the same AVT (Temporal Variation Authority), in Marvel there is a person who is in charge of checking his chronology and clarifying doubts to the creators of the study, your Time Keeper, go: “There is actually a person at Marvel whose job is to chart the timeline of everything. And we consult a lot with him about the timeline. So yeah, the show is set a few years after ‘Endgame’..

With an ever-growing saga, now numbering 29 films and 8 series, and the next two Phases of the Multiverse Saga already outlined, it made sense that Marvel Studios had created a specific location to ensure that all the pieces fit together, especially all of them holding I realize that Marvel fans watch everything and don’t pass one. Gao didn’t specify how long the work has been in existence, but The Direct speculates it could have come from “Spider-Man: Homecoming”.

Feige’s perspective

Already in 2019, on the occasion of the premiere of ‘Spider-Man: Far from home’, We had the privilege of interviewing Kevin Feige himself and asked him exactly the same thing, if there was a person in Marvel Studios dedicated to checking the continuity of the saga.. Feige told us the following: “Eric Carroll did it in the Thor movies and the Spider-Man movies, that’s his job. He also reads everything we do in internal meetings, while we work on everything else. But all the individual producers are dedicated to it. to each particular film, and they all work together and are aware of what’s going on “.

It is not known if this Carroll is the current Guardian of Time in the MCU, but what is clear is that a few years ago Feige had to strengthen this aspect of his studio so that things didn’t get out of hand in his post expansion. -‘End of the game ‘. On the challenge of maintaining temporal coherence in the Marvel Universe, Feige said this: “I’d say the hardest part is getting each movie to stand alone, creating the best story possible for the characters in that movie…. The connectivity issue is a fun thing, and it’s actually the simplest part. Because at Marvel Studios we are a very closed group, all the productions are done practically under the same roof, so we always share information, so it’s easy “. Obviously this was 2019 and in three years a lot has changed both inside and outside the UCM.

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