New first images of Anna Paquin’s drama True Crime A FRIEND OF THE FAMILY

The next true crime limited drama series A friend of the family will arrive on Peacock on October 6 with three episodes, and then new episodes streaming weekly. The show will represent the heartbreaking true experience of the Broberg family, whose daughter Jan has been kidnapped multiple times over the years by a charismatic and obsessed family friend.

Although they were intelligent and devoted to family, faith and community, they were completely unprepared for the devious plots of a master manipulator. What might distinguish this drama series from other true detective dramas is Jan Broberg is a producer and has helped the show runner Nick Antosca with history. Here is a note from Jan about the show:

I’m Jan Broberg and “A Friend of the Family” tells the story of our family and my story. We were a loving, trusting, educated family. We weren’t stupid or careless. So how did this happen in our neighborhood, where we knew everyone and everyone was friends? The truth is, most predators are not strangers but people we know, people who can build trust, create special friendships, and psychologically separate family members.

As children we talked and listened around the table every night. Mom and Dad were always there. We were so safe, so loved, so carefree. Then, in 1972, we met the friendliest new family in church, with children of the same age as us. A deep friendship was born. Over the years, our families have done hundreds of activities together: church parties, family dinners, boat and snowmobile rides, sleepovers, game nights, movies and barbecues. Then, on a normal afternoon, my father kidnapped me and from 12 to 16 I was sexually assaulted and severely brainwashed by this man I trusted.

This story will make you talk, scream, cry and make you angry. Good. The team of writers, actors, designers, directors and producers led by Alex Hedlund, Eliza Hittman and Nick Antosca have captured the heart of how good people can be manipulated and their children victimized. Our history is recognizable because so many families have direct experience with this type of abuse.

I hope our story starts conversations, because secrets live in darkness and silence.

He seems like an amazing person for going through this and still wants to tell his story. Antosca also shared some food for thought on the project:

It is easy to judge the history of the Broberg family from the outside. Sometimes, when people first hear it, they get defensive: how could these parents let this happen? I’m not like them.

It is comprensible. It is a surreal story. When I first heard this, I empathized with the vulnerability of the family and felt like I understood their story from the outside. But he stayed with me and I wanted to understand from the inside: to know how their lives felt, to experience each family member, to see how they were caught in such a bizarre web, and to help the audience empathize with them. also.

I hope people walk away from the show with a deeper understanding of the family and say: at that time, in that place, they were like me. They made terrible mistakes, but they loved their children. And a master manipulator took advantage of it.

The series exists outside the typical genre categories. It’s a thriller built around obsessive relationships, a family drama, and a coming-of-age nightmare story.

In the course of working on this story and talking to others who have worked on it, one thing became clear: it is more recognizable than it first appears. The Broberg story is an extreme point on a continuum where we find ourselves more than we realize.

The other reason I couldn’t stop thinking about this story is, after all, that the Broberg family has grown stronger. They loved and forgave. This is a story about survival and a larger story about the American psyche and the institutions of the family, religion and community. And part of what makes the story so great is not how strange it is, but the fact that the Brobergs told it.

It was a compelling and complicated story to work on. In addition to the thousands of pages of trial transcripts, FBI notes, interviews and childhood diaries that we were able to use to tell the story, we were privileged to work with Jan Broberg herself. We could not and would not want to tell this story without the blessing and participation of Jan and his family.

Thanks for watching.

If you like real crime, I think this is going to be a solid show to watch. It has a great cast with Anna Paquin, Jake Lacy, Colin Hanks, Lio Tipton, McKenna GraceAnd Hendrix Yancey.

by Anna Williams
Source: Geek Tyrant

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