Lionsgate made a CASPER Ripoff movie titled GHOSTER and Here’s the Trailer

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Hence, Lionsgate released a trailer for an upcoming movie titled ghostwhich is clearly a rip off of the 1995 classic Casper movie. It’s crazy that this movie was actually made with how blatantly it copied what Casper done.

The film was directed by Ryan Bellgard (Army of Frankenstein, Apron, The Jurassic Games, The adventures of Jurassic Pet, The Adventures of Rufus: The Fantastic PetAnd The world of dinosaurs ), and is the protagonist Sophie Proctor, JR Brown, Josh Escayg, Rachel G. Whittle, Marlon LaddAnd Gerardo Davila.

Here is the synopsis:

Enter an enchanted and spooky world with this thrilling family adventure. Elizabeth and her father inherit a nearby estate, but find it haunted by a kind young ghost named Ghoster. He begs for Elizabeth’s help in undoing the ancient dragon curse that trapped him in the manor. Together with the keeper’s handsome son Mateo, they must enter a magical painting and solve dangerous puzzles to undo the curse and free the trapped souls of Ghoster’s ancestors. It’s so funny, it’s almost scary!

Lionsgate will debut ghost direct-to-VOD / DVD starting October 11, 2022. I wonder if who owns the rights to Casper will attempt to sue for it. Watch the trailer and tell us what you think.

by Joey Paur
Source: Geek Tyrant