Zendaya in Barbie? The truth behind the alleged images of the actress in live action

Zendaya in Barbie?  The truth behind the alleged images of the actress in live action

Zendaya in Barbie? The truth behind the actress’s alleged images in live action – Flix Nation Special (Warner Bros | AP)

In the last few days, different images of Zendaya on the alleged live action set of ‘Barbie’made audiences wonder if the actress was also part of the cast of the long-awaited Mattel doll movie that Warner Bros has in development, making everyone dream that this would come true.

Through Twitter, an image of Zendaya in an all-pink outfit and very Barbie style began to go viral: elegant, chic, with some floral decorations, but still extremely modern. Additionally, the original publication of this photograph warned that the actress was on the film’s recording set.

This caused Zendaya fans and those who were waiting for the live action of “Barbie” to begin to believe that the actress was indeed on the set of the film and that, due to the costumes, she would be one of the performers who. make up sturdy cast. . Unfortunately, there are several things that disprove this possibility.

One of the alleged leaked images is actually one photo of Zendaya at the Valentino Fashion Show March 2022. Another of the alleged shots in which she appeared behind Margot Robbie is an obvious photoshop: it is another capture of the same show, but made in montage, because although it appears that her body is complete, in reality it is not you to see. his legs

On the other hand, these alleged images of Zendaya on the set of the live action of “Barbie”, came to light the day after the actress had been photographed in New York with Tom Holland; and, moreover, on the same day that production in Budapest began of the film in which she stars opposite Timotheé Chalamet, ‘Dune 2’.

The alleged images of Zendaya in “Barbie” have sparked a wave of memes

In addition to the great confusion that these alleged images of Zendaya have left, they have also seen the rise of many memes where speculation and great photoshop have been taken for a ride. On social media, audiences have started taking pictures of any artist dressed in pink to add “Barbie 2023 Set” to their description.

From Beyonce to Sebastian Stan, there have been some who have become victims of this meme, thanks to some of their outfits which, in addition to being very pink, showed a bit of the style of the famous Mattel doll.

By Kimberlyn Flores

Source: Nacion Flix

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