Unity makes the team: Emma McKay slept with the live ‘Barbie’ cast

Unity makes the team: Emma McKay slept with the live 'Barbie' cast

Unity makes team: Emma McKay slept with ‘Barbie’ live action cast – Flix Nation Special (AP)

Shortly after it became known that the live action of “Barbie” had officially started recording, photos and information about the film began to leak and, in addition, some actors started talking about the project. In this case, it was Emma McKay who shared something about the development of the film and also announced that, at the beginning of the entire production, he had a sleepover with the cast of the film.

The actress recently shared Empire that one of the main steps that the live action of “Barbie” took was to have a sleepover with all the main cast. It was at the very beginning of the project when the cast decided to have this meeting where they managed to get much closer than, perhaps, many other casts have achieved with their respective productions.

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Although he hasn’t shared many details about the happy ones sleepover ‘Barbie’ live, if he revealed something key of the moment: Ncuti Gawta and Scott Evans, with whom Emma McKay shares the screen in both ‘Barbie’ and ‘Sex Education’, were present at the meeting; and they played various fun games with everyone else.

Right at the start, we had a Barbie sleepover, which involved playing with Scott Evans]and Ncuti [Gatwa]. I don’t normally play, because I’m very competitive and I get angry. But Scott and I were the best in the game. ”

On the other hand, the actress’s comments sparked some intrigue due to the way she referred to the cast of ‘Barbie’, since she said “the Barbies”; which left it in doubt, for many, whether she was really referring to the entire cast of the film or the possibility of it actually talking about various versions of the Mattel doll, as it is rumored that she will be seen on the big screen.

Emma McKay raises expectations on Barbie: “It will be fun”

In addition to telling the funny anecdote she lived with the cast of ‘Barbie’, the actress also talked a little about what audiences can expect from the film, pointing out that, no doubt, it will be a story that will make audiences laugh. and that, moreover, has pink framed everywhere you see it.

Barbie is light, fun, silly, American and pink. ”

These words join a little to those previously spoken by Simu Liu, who is also part of the cast of ‘Barbie’; the actor had commented Variety that the film has been described as “unique” and “wild” in the sense that it will be unforgettable. Now, the only two testimonials that have been made about her have made it clear that it is something the public should expect.

As revealed by Warner Bros, “Barbie” will be released on July 21, 2013 as a romantic comedy with Margot Robbie as Barbie and Ryan Golsing as Ken; but it is said that they will not be the only ones to play these characters.

By Kimberlyn Flores

Source: Nacion Flix

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