Live action from “Barbie” will have a spanking scene and Margot Robbie will respond with a bang

Live action from

Live action “Barbie” will have a spanking scene and Margot Robbie will respond with a bang – Courtesy (Warner Bros)

The shooting of “Barbie” live revealed many leaks and among the most recent is the recording of a controversial scene in which Margot Robbie receives a spanking from a stranger, but far from sitting and watching, she ends up putting audacity in its place, young man.

The production of this Warner Bros film directed by Greta Gerwing did not have many official previews, but there have been big leaks that have revealed what the protagonists will be like, Margot Robbie and Ryan Gosling as Barbie and Ken. In addition, there were also some scenes that are currently being shot … such as the spanking of the Mattel doll.

While there aren’t many details about this curious ‘Barbie’ scene, there are some videos that show how it will look on the big screen and that is not far from a moment of harassment that women experience every day in real life … something. of which the Mattel doll does not seem to be spared in the film.

However, the interesting thing about this leak is that it shows that in addition to receiving a spanking, Barbie does not stand by and lashes out at the stranger who dared to touch her: she hits him leaving him on the ground in a state of shock. A scene that is already arousing concern in the public for what will be behind it.

For now, there are no details on what’s around this controversial scene from “Barbie” with spanking And it’s possible that Warner Bros will try to keep it a secret until the movie is released … unless they want to make this moment one of the highlights of its long-awaited trailer.

Margot Robbie could give away a rare Barbie

Although there are no previews about the Barbie that Margot Robbie will play in Greta Gerwing’s live action, the rumors about the film have revealed that it is perhaps an unconventional version of the famous Mattel doll that reaches the general public for the first time. screen.

Images like modern girl, cowgirl and retro skater showed a versatility that follows the doll’s slogan: “You can be what you want to be”. However, it’s also a bit of a departure from the “Barbie doll” stereotype that people coined about the women Mattel created the toy in the 1950s.

Thus, it is possible that the live film will show different versions of the Mattel doll, which far from remaining in the social stereotype that has been created around a Barbie, show that a woman can really be whatever she wants to be. However, we’ll have to wait until 2023 to find out when the film hits theaters.

By Kimberlyn Flores

Source: Nacion Flix

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