Marvel’s Kevin Feige continued to turn down projects for DEADPOOL 3 until Hugh Jackman stepped in

Marvel’s Kevin Feige continued to turn down projects for DEADPOOL 3 until Hugh Jackman stepped in

I had Hugh Jackman Don’t come out of Wolverine’s retirement for Deadpool, we may never have seen a third Deadpool movie made because the head of Marvel Studios Kevin Feige he kept refusing story proposals that were made by My name is Ryan Reynolds. AND by Shawn Levi.

During a recent appearance at a Deadpool and Wolverine event in Shanghai, China, Reynolds explained: “I had met with Kevin Feige six years ago to discuss this, and the first thing I said to him was, ‘I just want to do Wolverine and Deadpool together. I just want these two on screen together.’

“At the time, Kevin was like, ‘Forget it. It’s never going to happen,’ and I was like, ‘OK, fine.’ As we marched inexorably forward, Shawn and I were coming up with different pitches and different ideas, and we were pitching Marvel everything you could imagine: small movies, big movies, everything, and it wasn’t working.”

There came a point when Reynolds and Levy were about to give up on pitching Marvel for a while, but then Jackman called.

Reynolds said, “And then one day, we were on our last pitch. We were going to say to Kevin Feige, ‘I think we’re going to leave and come back later, maybe in a couple of years, when we have a better idea of ​​things.’ And Hugh called me.”

Jackman told Reynolds that if it wasn’t too late, he wanted to come back and star in the third Deadpool movie. That’s what finally convinced Feige to do the film, and Feige had one condition.

The actor continued, “Shawn and I just turned around halfway through our pitch to Kevin and said, ‘Look, this thing just happened. It almost seems miraculous. Hugh called me, what do you think?’ And for some reason, Kevin immediately said yes.”

Levy added: “He said, ‘Yeah, but he’s wearing yellow. Can he finally wear yellow?’ And we started.”

Reynolds previously revealed that he had written 18 different treatments for 3rd partEven after Hugh Jackman arrived, Feige was “still not sure how to incorporate Deadpool.”

Some of the treatments were developed as “almost a Sundance film, under $10 million, using the intellectual property in a way they hadn’t used before, and I pitched bigger films and other things in between.”

Reynolds previously shared a close-up of the plans for 3rd partsaying, “Literally, it was a $5 or $6 million budget with no special effects. It was just a road trip in a talkie-talkie with me and [Karan Soni’s character] Dopinder and some of the things we’ve collected and seen along the way.”

He added: “It wasn’t supposed to be an event movie. If we’re going to Point C, it was just supposed to get us to Point B. That was the weirdest one. I liked that. I thought it was pretty funny.”

The third Deadpool movie may have had a tough time getting into production, but Reynolds, Levy, and Jackman managed to get the movie made, and we’ll be seeing it on the big screen on July 26!

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