Ryan Reynolds Shares His Original Plans for DEADPOOL 3, New Images Reveal Another Cameo

Ryan Reynolds Shares His Original Plans for DEADPOOL 3, New Images Reveal Another Cameo

Marvel Studios has released some new images for Deadpool and Wolverine thanks to Weekly showand another X-Men cameo has been revealed. Director by Shawn Levi AND My name is Ryan Reynolds. They also offer some additional insights.

The images that have been shared show a variety of characters including Deadpool, Wolverine, and Cassandra Nova, and in one of them, you can see a variant of Lady Deathstrike! She is standing behind Nova.

In their interview, Reynolds talked about early plans for 3rd partsaying, “Literally, it was a $5 or $6 million budget with no special effects. It was just a road trip in a talkie-talkie with me and [Karan Soni’s character] Dopinder and some of the things we’ve collected and seen along the way.”

He added: “It wasn’t supposed to be an event movie. If we’re going to Point C, it was just supposed to get us to Point B. That was the weirdest one. I liked that. I thought it was pretty funny.”

It really seems like it could have been a fun and interesting movie. Sure, Deadpool and Wolverine teaming up is a much better and more marketable idea, but I still think the shortened version of the movie would have worked.

Shawn Levy also shared that before jumping on the Deadpool movie, he had been eyed to direct the Flash movie for “a brief moment in time.” He went on to talk about the characters they wanted to play. Deadpool and Wolverinesaid:

“We didn’t want any of the cameos or characters to be the story of the movie. But they’re scattered around. There are a lot of characters. The Internet is a treasure trove of rumors about the multitude of character cameos that are in this movie. Some of the rumors are true, some of them are completely out of place.”

He added: “Wade himself is a fan. Without giving anything away about the different universes that the different characters live in. Because he is in a way a little sycophantic, chatty fanboy himself, it allows the film to call back and reference a lot of deep Marvel references.”

It will be fun to see which characters and actors actually ended up appearing in this movie. We know there will be a lot!

The movie stars Hugh Jackman like Wolverine, My name is Ryan Reynolds. like Wade, Emma Corrin like Cassandra Nova, Morena Baccarin AND Stefan Kapicic like Vanessa and Colossus, Matthew Macfadyen as a TVA agent, and Leslie Uggams like Blind Al.

They join them Brianna Hildebrand AND Shioli Kutsunawho will also return to the franchise as Negasonic Teenage Warhead and Negasonic Teenage Warhead’s girlfriend, Yukio. It was previously confirmed that actress Jennifer Garner will return in the film as Electra.

Deadpool and Wolverine will hit theaters on July 26th!

by Joey Fear
Source: Geek Tyrant

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