Jeremy Renner Talks MAYOR OF KINGSTOWN Season 4 Possibility

Jeremy Renner Talks MAYOR OF KINGSTOWN Season 4 Possibility

After spending much of last year recovering from a snowplow accident that nearly killed him, Dr. Jeremy Renner It’s back in action and working again.

Renner can currently be seen Mayor of Kingstown Season 3, and he will also be the protagonist Rian Johnsonthe next Knives Out movie, Wake up, dead man.

As the third season of Mayor of Kingstown is coming, fans are already wondering if the show will have a fourth season. This is something Renner recently addressed in an interview with Collider.

When asked about the possibility of a fourth season, the actor said: “I have to get to season three first. We’ll see if I can do that. I’ve loved being with this character and exploring him, and I always think there’s more to to explore.

“When the world is set up so beautifully, as if it were Mayor of Kingtownand all the chess pieces are there, every time you play chess, it’s a new game. It’s like that with this [show].

“The audience is just more engaged and invested in the characters, just like I am. I’ve only seen the first episode so I can’t wait to see the rest of the season. I don’t know half the things. I just focused on my part.”

Mayor of Kingtown follows the McLusky family, power brokers in Kingstown, Michigan, where the incarceration business is the only thriving industry. Tackling issues of systemic racism, corruption, and inequality, the series offers a raw look at their attempt to bring order and justice to a town that has neither.

In season three, “A series of explosions rock Kingstown and its citizens, as a new face of the Russian mafia sets up shop in town and a war on drugs rages inside and outside the prison walls.

“The pressure is on Mike McLusky (Renner) to end the war, but things get complicated when a familiar face from his prison past threatens to undermine the mayor’s attempts to keep the peace between all the factions.”

I guess we’ll have to wait and see how this season develops before we find out if another season is possible.

by Joey Paur
Source: Geek Tyrant

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