Trailer for Jesse Eisenberg and Kieran Culkin’s comedy-drama A REAL PAIN

Trailer for Jesse Eisenberg and Kieran Culkin’s comedy-drama A REAL PAIN

Searchlight Pictures has revealed the first trailer for the upcoming comedy-drama A real painwhich was written and directed by Jesse Eisenbergwho also stars in the next film Kieran Culkin.

The film is based on Eisenberg’s family history and the story follows mismatched cousins ​​David (Eisenberg) and Benji (Culkin) who “reunite for a tour through Poland to honor their beloved grandmother.

“The adventure takes a turn when the couple’s old tensions resurface against the backdrop of their family history. A touching and entertaining exploration of the unexpected permutations of intergenerational trauma.”

I had the chance to see this film at Sundance this year, and it was a well-made film that comes from the heart.

The film had a perfect balance of drama and comedy with laugh out loud moments mixed with somber and reflective moments that give the audience time to think and embrace the story and message the film is trying to convey.

It is explained that “Eisenberg’s intimate and resonant script integrates the tension and humor of the tumultuous road trip of the two very different cousins ​​with a sensitively drawn account of the legacy of World War II among the survivors of the survivors.”

A real pain will be released in select US theaters starting October 18, 2024.

by Joey Paur
Source: Geek Tyrant

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