Review: THE BIKERIDERS is an honest look at the real lives of people in the early motorcycle club era

Review: THE BIKERIDERS is an honest look at the real lives of people in the early motorcycle club era

I had the chance to see a screening of The motorcyclists this week ahead of its wide release this weekend, and the film was a beautiful, real snapshot in time of an era that came and went 50 years ago.

The film had the feel of a documentary, complete with a narrator who captured its heart. The film is based on the book The motorcyclists by the photographer Danny Lyonmember of the Chicago Outlaws Motorcycle Club from 1963 to 1967.

He published his photo book in 1968, and the actor who played him, Mike Faisthe is seen throughout the film, photographing and audio recording the history of the group from its inception to its evolution.

Tom HardyJohnny was an everyman inspired by a movie character who embodied coolness. He was a truck driver who identified himself only as a husband and father before deciding to start his own club, where he could be respected and provide a place to be recognized for other men in his community.

Austin ButlerBenny was a hot-headed young man who had nothing to lose before he realized he had something to live for. AND Jodie ComerKathy was the witty narrator of the film who didn’t hold back and showed her heart openly.

Michael Shannon, Boyd Holbrook, Damon Herriman, Emory Cohen, Norman ReedusAND Toby Wallace each was given moments to shine in the film, slightly opening the door to their pain before moving on to the next scene. No moment was wasted in telling this story, and it took viewers back to this place in time so completely, it made sure to give you the whole story and leave nothing unsaid.

I was amazed Jeff NicholsThe ability to bring these people into photos and recordings and fill in every gap in their lives, as if they had risen from the pages to tell their own stories.

Audiences laughed together, held their breath, and gasped when the violence or twist in the story shocked us. It was a great movie and we had a great time at the cinema.

by Jessica Fisher
Source: Geek Tyrant

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