Producer Susan Downey says SHERLOCK HOLMES 3 is still very much alive

About eight years ago this was announced Sherlock Holmes 3 was in the works, after the first two films were released in 2009 and 2011.

Movies, Sherlock HolmesAND Sherlock Holmes: A Game of ShadowsHe acted Robert Downey Junior. in the title role, with Jude Law as his right-hand man, Dr. John Watson.

The third film in the series has gained and lost momentum over the years, and we usually get an annual update on how the film is still in the works in one way or another, so here’s your annual post.

In a recent interview with ScreenRant, the producer Susan Downey said of the project:

“I mean, look, no, there’s no update, other than the fact that it’s still very much alive in our hearts. Every day we ask ourselves, ‘What’s the next best version?’ Because every time I see Robert and Jude together, which fortunately I get to see a few times a year, we go out and I think, ‘Can I bring these guys back on screen together?’, it’s magical. There has to be a really strong reason, there has to be a great story and we have some things in the works.”

Who knows if it will ever happen? The first two movies were a lot of fun, but honestly, I think most fans would make much harder demands for another season Sherlock, the fantastic BBC series starring Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman. It was a quintessential viewing experience for any Sherlock Holmes fan.

You hope so Sherlock Holmes 3 to finally come to fruition?

by Jessica Fisher
Source: Geek Tyrant

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