Glen Powell Says He Wants to Make a “Wild” Version of Batman; He reveals the Marvel and Star Wars roles he lost

Glen Powell he is the current popular actor in Hollywood. Since he appeared in Top Gun: nonconformist, his acting career has skyrocketed and he has agreed to star in all kinds of film projects! His next big movie coming out will be Twister.

You’d think Marvel Studios and DC Studios would be knocking on his door for future roles, but GQ pointed out in a new profile on the actor, “Powell has no interest in playing a superhero.” Plus he’s not interested in “Marvel fare”.

But if Powell had wanted to star in one of those films, he would have chosen Batman. While accompanying a reporter on a tour of the Warner Bros. lot, Powell pointed out the new Superman logo on James Gunn’s office door.

Powell spoke David Corenswet getting the role of Clark Kent, saying he didn’t audition for the role, “But I was on the set of Twister with [newly-anointed Clark Kent] David Corenswet when he received the call. He’s a crook and he deserves it.”

The actor then talked about Batman, saying: “I’ve always been a Batman guy. I would have a wild take on Batman. It definitely wouldn’t be like a Matt Reeves tone – would probably be closer to Keaton.”

As of now, Powell’s experience with DC movies is that “I get my head bashed in by Bane in The Dark Knight Rises.”

Powell also revealed during the interview that he was up for the role of Captain America for Marvel Studios, but “ruined” his audition.

He also revealed that he was close to taking on the lead role in Lucasfilm Solo: A Star Wars Storysaying, “Now I can joke about it, [but] I ruined the final audition.”

Powell still has a chance with Batman as DC has yet to cast an actor to play the character to direct Andy Muschietti’s The brave and the bold. Gunn said they’re not even close to casting.

Do you think Powell would be a good choice to play the role of Batman in a DC film project?

by Joey Paur
Source: Geek Tyrant

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