Trailer for the harrowing and heroic Australian WWI film BEFORE DAWN

The trailer for the Australian WW1 film has been released, Before sunriseby the director Jordan Prince-Wright (The decadent and the depraved). The screenplay is written by Jarrad Russelbased on the story and characters of Prince-Wright and Russell.

The film is the protagonist Levi Miller (A wrinkle in time), Travis Jeffrey, Myles Pollard, Tim Franklin, Jordan Dulieu, Peter Sullivan, Ed Oxenbould AND Stefano Pavone.

The synopsis reads:

“After leaving his family’s sheep farm in the Australian outback, a young man joins his compatriots on the Western Front of the First World War with the hope of helping to hasten the end of the bloody conflict. As the war rages, he is forced to grapple with the brutal realities of trench warfare, including a near-constant battle to keep himself alive, without leaving another man behind.

It seems similar to other films about the First World War, but shows the perspective of the Australians involved, who fought and lost their lives and who survived to tell their stories. Check out the trailer below and watch Before sunrise in select US theaters and on VOD on July 19.

by Jessica Fisher
Source: Geek Tyrant

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