Fantastic HEAVY METAL poster created by artist Aaron Lea

Here is a piece of poster art for the classic 1981 sci-fi/fantasy film Heavy metal which was created by the artist Aaron Leah for the Heroes Complex Gallery.

Heavy Metal blends science fiction and fantasy themes with an anthology-style structure. The film is based on the magazine stories of the same name and features a collection of interwoven segments, each animated by different production teams.

These segments are connected by a single narrative element, a malevolent sphere called Loc-Nar that introduces each story, showing its universal influence of evil across different times and worlds.

The film has a wild soundtrack that includes rock and heavy metal music, and is full of graphic content, embracing violence and sexuality, capturing the subversive and cult appeal of the original magazine.

The poster is a limited edition 36×24 print of 150 and will cost you $75.

by Joey Paur
Source: Geek Tyrant

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