Jeremy Renner ‘really died’ during snowplow accident according to MAYOR OF KINGSTOWN co-star

It’s been just over 16 months since the Marvel actor Jeremy Rennerhe was hit by a snowplow while saving his nephew from danger.

His injuries included eight broken ribs in 14 places, a broken right knee and right ankle, a broken left leg tibia, a broken left ankle, a broken right collarbone, a broken right shoulder, as well as a broken eye socket, jaw and mandible. His lung had collapsed and a rib had punctured his liver.

It was a gruesome accident, and he’s lucky to be alive, much less back to work and thriving.

In a recent interview with Renner’s Mayor of Kingtown co-star Michele Spiaggiarevealed that the MCU vet “actually died” following the accident.

“Jeremy [Renner] It’s a workhorse, man. I mean, that guy, you know, broke 38 bones. He’s actually dead, which I didn’t know until he told me, and he’s coming back. And he says he wasn’t sure what he would be like. But he was ready. And he says that every week he feels stronger and stronger. And there was no interruption because of whether he was physically capable or not. He’s doing it. He is great. Yeah, he’s a good guy, man. And he’s really tough as nails.”

It makes sense that he flatlined at least once, considering his extensive injuries. It was a truly miraculous recovery. It will be much nicer to one day see his character Hawkeye return to the MCU knowing how far he has come.

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by Jessica Fisher
Source: Geek Tyrant

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