The complete story of Shady Sands, New California from the FALLOUT lore

Here is an informative video for all of you Fall fans out there. It offers a complete story of Shady Sands, New California, which was one of the main settings and plots of the Prime Video series.

The story behind Shady Sands is tragic, as at one point it was a thriving capital city of the Fallout universe that became a place where survivors of nuclear devastation could go for a chance to start over.

Initially depicted as a nascent struggling agricultural settlement in a post-apocalyptic world, Shady Sands is characterized by its modest adobe buildings and reliance on subsistence farming, protected by a rudimentary but dedicated militia.

Over time, the city experienced significant growth and political evolution, driven by its strategic position. By the time of Fallout 2 and beyond, Shady Sands has transformed into a bustling metropolis with a complex political structure and considerable military power.

As we saw in the Fallout series, things got worse in Shady Sands. This video from
The Templin Institute explores the history of this place.

The video came with the following note: “When civilization returned to New California, it took refuge in Shady Springs. Now, what was once a shining capital serves as a reminder: war never changes.”

Enjoy the video!

by Joey Paur
Source: Geek Tyrant

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