Bruce Willis was generous enough on the set of ARMAGEDDON to give cash gifts to crew members

Producer Jerry Bruckheimer he’s been involved in so many Hollywood blockbusters over the years and has some great behind-the-scenes stories to tell.

One of them was recently revealed in an interview with Popular magazinewhere Bruckheimer talked about his free time Armageddon next to Bruce Williswhich he described as incredibly generous.

“Bruce is a really good guy. He was so generous with the crew. They would have done it [cash giveaway] and he put a lot of money in the hat, and the crew members always took away some nice extra money at the end of the week, whoever won.

Bruckheimer called Willis a “generous guy” and a “good friend.” Apparently the Armageddon the crew had a weekly allowance at the end of each production week. Willis made sure to increase the jackpot with his own money to make the reward even bigger.

Willis retired from acting in 2022 when his family revealed his aphasia diagnosis. In February 2023, the actor’s family confirmed that Willis’ aphasia was the result of frontotemporal dementia.

Many of his former film collaborators praised Willis’ acting as well as his character and friendship in the following months.

via: Variety

by Jessica Fisher
Source: Geek Tyrant

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