Anthony Mackie says CAPTAIN AMERICA: BRAVE NEW WORLD will be an ‘action spy movie’ with a ‘bigger enemy to conquer’

Actor Anthony Mackie is the protagonist of his first Marvel film since he took the name and shield of his friend, Captain America. We got a glimpse of his character under the new umbrella of the Disney+ series The Falcon and the Winter Soldierbut this film will really see him enter this new era for his character.

In a recent interview with EW at CinemaCon, Mackie described the tone and feel of this new film, saying:

“It made more sense for it to be more of a down-to-earth spy action movie rather than aliens and planes going through portals and s—. Even though I’ve been in so many of them and seen everything by now, the a ‘opportunity for Sam to really establish himself as a real action star and Avenger comes with this movie.”

Even though we know Sam Wilson’s character, this film will reintroduce him at this point in his story. Sounds like an interesting premise. He went on to add:

“This movie is a clear reset. It really re-establishes the idea of ​​what this universe is and what this universe is going to be. I think with these movies, you’re getting a clear, new brand of what Marvel is heading towards as well. .” how they did it Captain America: The Winter Soldier. The title implies that there is now a new and bigger enemy; there is a new frontier that we must conquer. From Captain America: The First Avenger TO End of the game, the enemy was always good versus evil. Now that we’ve conquered it, where do we go from here? When the bad guys reappear, in what form do they reappear? It’s a new plot with new characters, with new beliefs, and it creates a new idea of ​​this new world we’re entering.”

Mackie is joined in the film by Harrison Ford as Thaddeus Ross, who in the story is the president of the United States. The film is also the protagonist Liv Tyler, Shira Haas, Tim Blake Nelson, Rosa Salazar, Danny RamirezAND Carl Lumbly.

Captain America: Brave New World will be released on February 14, 2025.

by Jessica Fisher
Source: Geek Tyrant

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