GODZILLA MINUS ONE director wants to play with Mechagodzilla and Ghidorah

Godzilla minus one director Takashi Yamazaki he’s still riding the success of his film and looking to the future of the franchise. We are all waiting to see what the director does next, but I’m sure that one day he will return to the world of Godzilla.

In a recent interview, the director stated that he is interested in working with two great Kaiju monsters… Mechagodzilla and Ghidorah.

While speaking to Encount about his experience with Godzilla Minus One, Yamazaki was asked if he’d be interested in taking on other kaiju, and he said the Dolby enhancements make him curious about Ghidorah and Mechagodzilla.

He explained: “Eh… using Dolby Vision. Exactly, that’s a possibility. I hadn’t thought about it, but now that you said it, I think you’re right.”

In a previous interview, the director said: “If I were to direct the next Godzilla movie, I’d like to make a sequel to this one. There have been two standalone Godzilla movies in a row, so maybe the next one will need to feature a monster. bad.

He also explained that he wants to make a Kaiju vs. Kaiju that’s really good, saying, “I don’t know if anyone has managed to achieve a more serious tone than Kaiju vs. Kaiju with the human drama, that challenge, that’s something I’d like.” to explore.”

He went on to add, “When you have films that have this characteristic [kaiju battles]I think it’s very easy to put the spotlight and the camera on this huge show, and it detaches itself from the human dramatic component.”

So when Yamazaki returns to Godzilla’s sandbox, we know that Godzilla will most likely face another Kaiju monster. Mechagodzilla and Ghidorah will both be great choices to include in the franchise!

by Joey Paur
Source: Geek Tyrant

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