Ed Westwick Says There’s More Life in His ‘Gossip Girl’ Character Chuck Bass and Talks Upcoming Thriller ‘DarkGame’ – Red Sea Studio

Even gossip girl Creators Josh Schwarz and Stephanie Savage rebooted the original cast last week after Ed Westwick, who played Chuck Bass from the original series, told viewers on TikTok that he believed he would like to do a spinoff or reboot. that there is more life in it. his evil Upper East Side character.

“I think there’s a new story to tell around the character of Chuck Bass,” Westwick said as he entered Deadline’s Red Sea Studio in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. “I actually have a plot in mind that might work. You know what made me think about this? I often get stopped on the street to take pictures and people want to talk about it gossip girlThere is gossip girl Fan sites and I think, “Why don’t they give the fans what they want?” If it was boxing or if it was anything else, we would take the fight. We will give the supporters what they want and I think there is an argument that can be applied here.

Earlier this year, HBO Max (now Max) canceled the series gossip girl reboot that followed a new generation of New York teenagers introduced to the social surveillance of Gossip Girl. That show, which debuted in July 2021 and set a record at the time for Max’s most-watched opening weekend for an original series, didn’t draw fans like the CW show from 2007 to 2012.

Westwick was in town for the Red Sea Film Festival, a festival he has attended every year since its inception three years ago.

“As a player in the entertainment industry, it’s just great to see an investment and a passion for what we’re doing,” Westwick said of the Red Sea Festival’s efforts to put Saudi Arabia on the global film and television map .

The actor also talked about his upcoming project Dark gameA horror thriller about a determined detective racing against time to stop a crazy game show on the dark web in which prisoners must fight for their lives.

Watch the video above.

Source: Deadline

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