Dong Lei teams up with Camila Cabello and brings oriental minimalism to pop

don her was the obvious choice for Oxlade and Camila Cabello’s new music video, Ku Lo Sa. The experienced production designer was able to take on challenges such as tight deadlines and location restrictions and turn them into an immensely popular video. She was excited to bring her vision of oriental minimalism, which was about mixing cultures from all over the world, into her video.

Oxlade’s original version of Ku Lo Sa became a hit for the Nigerian artist. His team decided to open Afrobeat music to Latin American markets by creating a remix. Oxlade was thrilled with Camila Cabello’s appearance in the song and her soft voice added the perfect flavor to the song. The pop star also introduces a new audience to music. Cabello is known for her time as a member of the girl group Fifth Harmony and her illustrious solo career, which includes Billboard hits like cry in the club AND Havana. His music often pays homage to his Latin roots, and the mix of different cultures brings the remix to life Ku Lo Sa an international appeal. When don her joined the music video creation project, he decided to take this global sensibility to a new level.

Lei’s vision for the music video was to add more of her Asian culture to the set design. He and director Boma Iluma drew inspiration from their shared love of oriental minimalism when designing the video’s set. She is committed to bringing more color and culture into every environment she works in, and this was the perfect opportunity to do so. The video was shot on a tight schedule due to Cabello and Oxlade’s availability, but Lei didn’t let that stop her from creating a stunning look for the video.

Cabello and Oxlade were only available to shoot the video at the same time the day after Thanksgiving, meaning there would be limited time and resources during filming. She worked with Iluma to make their vision a reality, even though they had to get creative and do much of the work themselves. They decided to make the entire video look like it was shot inside a museum. As part of Iluma’s vision, she wanted to film Cabello and Oxlade on a motorcycle. Concluding that it would not be appropriate to keep the motorcycle on the street, she placed it on a platform inside the museum and covered it with a huge white sheet measuring 7 by 15 metres. The photo came out perfect and became the cover image of the remix album.

OH Ku Lo Sa Remix The video now has over 9.2 million views on YouTube thanks to Lei’s clever vision and expert production design. In addition to working with the two global pop stars, Lei created the vision behind music videos for artists such as Hollow Coves and Davion Farris. Her work in film has also earned him numerous awards. You worked on the recent film. My nights shine yellow, premiered at the Tribeca Film Festival. Lei’s work in the film. The cellist was honored by the Los Angeles Independent Film Festival and the Hollywood Moving Pictures Film Festival, winning the award for Best Art Direction.

Dong Lei is recognized as a pioneer in his field due to his unique sensitivity. He is able to bring an Asian touch to his work, giving his music videos and films a strong appeal. Lei’s top-notch manufacturing design brings something new to the industry.

Source: Hollywood Life

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