Hannah Waddingham reveals the only circumstance under which she would return for a TED LASSO spin-off

Actress Hannah Waddingham played the role of Rebecca Welton, owner of the English Premier League football club AFC Richmond, beautifully in the hit Apple TV+ series, Ted Lasso. Rebecca had a great story over the course of three seasons, and she and Ted had a wonderful friendship that fans couldn’t get enough of. Additionally, fans can’t get enough of speculating about a spinoff for the show after it ends, and Waddingham commented on the possibility of her in a recent interview with THR, in which she was clear about the only way she she would return, saying:

“Everyone keeps asking, but no, there’s been no word of a spin-off, and I’ve made it clear that unless Ted was in it… I really can’t imagine a world where Rebecca exists without Ted because they are both the inspiration of others.”

He went on to talk about Ted and Rebecca’s relationship, saying that while there may still be a lot of story to tell, their beauty is the foundation of their friendship, which we’ve seen develop.

“It probably has a lot more longevity. They are true soul mates and just because this doesn’t go in the bedroom makes it any less? I don’t believe it, and I know Jason doesn’t believe it.

I really liked the series, although I would have preferred it to last longer. If we were lucky enough to see more stories set in the Ted Lasso universe, I’d be happy, but I only want it under perfect circumstances, and it seems the creators agree.

by Jessica Fisher
Source: Geek Tyrant

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