Christopher Nolan says Hollywood needs franchises because it pays for other types of films to be made

Christopher Nolan he’s known for his blockbuster films that dominate the box office, and while he doesn’t usually make the kind of films that see a sequel or become part of a larger universe, he sees the value of franchise films in the big Hollywood movie. Many filmmakers have been critical of big movie franchises like Marvel in recent years as the film industry has recovered after theaters closed due to the pandemic, but Nolan sees value in every type of film, as he recently explained to l ‘Associated Press:

“There’s always a balance in Hollywood between established titles that can deliver audiences and give people more of what they want. This has always been an important part of the Hollywood economy and pays for the making and distribution of many other types of films. But there must always also be respect for the public’s desire for something new. Honestly, one of the great thrills of going to the movies is seeing a trailer for a movie you’ve never heard of or a type of movie you’ve never seen. A healthy ecosystem in Hollywood is about the balance between the two and it always has been that way.”

I think there’s an audience out there for all types of films that are made. I hope that filmmakers of all types are able to continue making their chosen medium with the support of audiences.

by Jessica Fisher
Source: Geek Tyrant

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