James Bond producers “haven’t even started planning the next chapter” – but it’s coming to the big screen

It looks like James Bond’s many fans will have to wait a long time for the next 007.

Producer Barbara Broccoli has revealed that executives haven’t even started on the next chapter of the long-running franchise that left Daniel Craig No time to die two years ago.

In an interview with The guard In the paper, she said the team was aware that the next incarnation of the character had to reflect how the world had changed in the twenty years since Craig took on the role.

She said: “I think these films reflect the times they’re in and there’s a long, long way to reinvent it for the next chapter, and we haven’t even started.”

Broccoli tells The guard The character can be reinvented as in the past:

“I’m going back golden eye When everyone said: “The Cold War is over, the Wall is over, Bond is dead, Bond is not needed, the whole world is at peace and now there are no more villains” – and he was wrong!”

The Bond franchise was sold to Amazon in 2021 as part of the MGM catalogue, but Broccoli has stressed that all future Bond appearances will remain on the big screen.

She said: “We make the Bond films for the big screen and everything about the Bond films is in that format for audiences around the world, so we didn’t want to make television.”

Amazon will release a Bond-themed show on the streamer next month. 007: Road to a Million There will be nine pairs of contestants who will take on physical and mental challenges in Bond-inspired locations and compete for a £1m prize. The show will feature the famous Bond theme song and iconic images. Broccoli called the show “in the meantime, it’s fun.”

Source: Deadline

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