James Gunn Addresses Ezra Miller’s Future As The Flash In The DCU Saying He’ll ‘Wait and See’

While Ezra Miller delivers a solid performance in DC Studios’ upcoming film The flash, the actor is surrounded by controversy and their future in the DCU while The Flash is still up in the air. As you know, Miller had a crazy streak where they were assaulting people, kidnapped a child, was on the run from the police, started some sort of cult, and there were numerous other allegations.

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The actor is getting help now, but there’s been a lot of damage to their reputation and they’ve done some things that have been quite relieved. It was initially reported that we shouldn’t expect to see Miller again to play The Flash again, which makes sense given what they’ve done. Then it was reported that Warner Bros. was open to working with Miller again, which a lot of people seemed very confused about.

The director of the film, Andy Muschietti he recently had this to say about Miller’s condition: “Ezra is fine now. Let’s all hope they are better… They are taking steps to recover. They are dealing with mental health issues, but they are fine. We spoke to them not too long ago and they are very committed to improving.”

Producer Barbara Muschietti she added, “And, I have to say, during our shoot, during principal photography, their commitment to the role was like nothing we’ve ever seen. And the discipline in the work, the will – physical, mental and the desire to going over the edge – it’s just amazing.”

The big question is… what does DC Studios head James Gunn think about bringing the troubled actor back to life? While speaking to Associated press during the world premiere of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3Gunn was asked if there were any plans for Miller to continue playing The Flash in the DC Universe, and this was his answer:

“We just have to wait and see, you know? I mean, we’ll see how things go, so, you know.

Maybe if The flash ends up making a lot of money at the box office, which will help them seriously consider returning Miller. But, if they don’t want to risk it, it’s not that they can’t reframe the role. While Miller was good in the film, they might just be too much of a liability.

Regardless of what you think of Miller, The flash it really turned out to be a surprisingly great film that DC fans and audiences will enjoy.

The flash hits theaters June 16.

by Joey Paur
Source: Geek Tyrant

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