This is the controversial film that Chabelo and La Chilindrina starred in together in the 90s

Esta es la polémica película en la que Chabelo y La Chilindrina actuaron juntos en los 90This is the controversial film that Chabelo and La Chilindrina starred in together in the 90s

This is the controversial film that Chabelo and La Chilindrina starred in together in the 90s (Courtesy)

María Antonieta de las Nieves and Xavier Lopez Chabelo have become two legends of Mexican television, and although their programs have been enormously successful, they have also participated in a few film productions, each within their careers. However, one that got them along was the controversial 1994 film in which the children’s characters of both appear: La Chilindrina and Chabelorespectively.

Both artists have become immortal legends of Mexican television and with their children’s characters have reached other corners of the world. Marie Antoinette is currently 72 years old, who enjoys great fame, above all, for her interpretation of a girl from the cast of ‘The Chavo del Ocho‘, an internationally known program.

While Xavier Lopez died on March 26 in Mexico. His career crossed in the film ‘La Chilindrina in danger’, a production in which Chabelo participates. The movie they both starred in together is currently available on a few YouTube channels, but there are legal ways to buy it.

This film is 98 minutes long and some say that in the repeated scenes it can be seen that there was no chemistry between them which has fueled rumors of a bad employment relationship. Some of those scenes were immortalized and are currently being talked about, especially as the film has crossed the borders of Mexico under the direction of Juan Antonio de la Riva.

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Despite the alleged enmity that existed between the two actors and comedians, throughout the film, La Chilindrina and Chabelo behave normally and bring the viewer into an atmosphere of laughter, fun and a lot of tranquility, as it should be done. through the comedy of those years. Thus, ‘La Chilindrina in Danger’ has become a controversial film, between enmity, talent and professionalism.

While that wasn’t the only time they’ve met on screen, Chabelo and La Chilindrina no longer have films together after this production. But each went on to have their own prolific careers.

What is ‘La Chilindrina in danger’ about?

‘La Chilindrina in distress’ is a 1994 Mexican comedy film starring María Antonieta de las Nieves, who plays the iconic character of La Chilindrina from the television series ‘El Chavo del Ocho’. The plot revolves around La Chilindrina, who finds herself involved in a series of amusing and chaotic situations as she tries to help her grandmother pay off the debts she owes her to her landlord.

In the film, La Chilindrina and her neighborhood friends, El Chavo, Quico and Ñoño, team up to help La Chilindrina’s grandmother pay the rent on time and avoid being evicted from her home. However, things don’t go as planned and they find themselves in a series of comical situations and entanglements as they try to solve their financial problem.

“La Chilindrina in distress” was directed by Raúl Araiza and included the participation of other actors from the cast of “El Chavo del Ocho”, such as Florinda Meza, Carlos Villagrán and Rubén Aguirre, as well as a special participation of Xavier Lopez, Chabelo. The film was a box office success in Mexico and became a popular comedy classic in that country.

By Karen Magallanes

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