The 5 most watched series of the moment on HBO Max for a good marathon

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Las 5 series más vistas del momento en HBO Max para un buen maratón The 5 most watched series of the moment on HBO Max for a good marathon

HBO Max’s 5 Most Watched Series Right Now for a Good Marathon – Special (HBOMax)

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It is known that in the world of streaming HBO Max has one of the most interesting catalogs, due to the huge number of series it has, for this reason the top of the most viewed productions on this platform always looks very attractive, and on this occasion it does not exception, since we can find high quality titles in it.

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In the aforementioned The maximum number of viewers of HBO Max5 series appear that dominated the audience in the first half of 2023 on this streaming service, titles with dramatic, suspenseful, sci-fi and comedic stories, so they are perfect for marathoning for hours on this platform, and here they are we show.

‘The Last of Us’

There is no doubt that “The Last Of Us” is one of the best series to watch on HBO Maxand the currently most viewed production on this platform, a title starring the actor Pedro Pascal, which presents a story that is very adapted to the popular video game of the same name, thus showing a story of drama and science fiction.


With a touch of drama and comedy, ‘Mariachis’ is another of the HBO Max’s Most Outstanding Seriesa production that has achieved success on this platform, becoming unmissable, showing a story starring none other than Pedro Fernández and Consuelo Duval, centered around a mariachi who has begun to lose his memory, which generates a great change in his profession and for the his family.

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“Superman and Lois”

DC is present in the series section of HBO Max with the production “Superman and Lois”, an entertaining title that currently has two seasons which, as the name suggests, follows the man of steel and the famous journalist Lois Lane, who after faced with super-villains and chaotic alien monsters, they return to the town of Smallville to raise their children.

“Women’s Strength”

Similarly, “Fuerza de Mujer” is another god Must-watch series on HBO Maxa title that has dominated the audience on this platform by presenting a story that follows a young widow who works hard to give a better life to her two children, a story that presents the protagonist dealing with the ghosts of the past, turning pain into a impetus to move forward.

“His Dark Materials”

If you like fantasy and adventure series, you can’t miss ‘His Dark Materials’ on the HBO Max platform, an original title that offers three seasons, making it perfect for a marathon, showing a story set in a world where magical creatures exist , and a young woman embarks on an extraordinary mission to save a friend.

By Orlando Medina

Source: Nacion Flix

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