Matthew McConaughy becomes Elvis Presley in an action series for Netflix

Matthew McConaughy se vuelve Elvis Presley en una serie de acción en NetflixMatthew McConaughy becomes Elvis Presley in an action series on Netflix

Matthew McConaughy Becomes Elvis Presley in Netflix Action Series – Netflix (Special)

The premieres of films and series arriving on Netflix in March are added to a new animated production, it is about ‘Agent Elvis’ where the famous actor Matthew McConaughy turns Elvis Presley to tell a story far from the world of rock and roll and promises to bring the public an explosive action story of which you can already see the first trailer.

In this New Netflix original animated series, Matthew McConaughy becomes the famous singer Elvis Presley, who is the king of rock by day but by night has a very important job as a vigilante who joins the secret agency “TCB”. As if that weren’t enough, this actor will not only give voice to the protagonist, but also executive producer.

Through social networks Netflix showed the first official preview of ‘Agent Elvis’ where you can already see a little bit of what all the fuss is about animated series for adults where the story pursues the king of rock in a completely different facet and away from the music to be an aggressive and violent special agent.

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“Elvis Presley trades his suit for a jetpack to battle the dark forces that threaten the country, all while maintaining his day job as the King of Rock and Roll,” says the brief synopsis for ‘Agent Elvis’ the new Netflix animated series premiering in March 2023 although at the moment there is no precise date.

Netflix has partnered with Sony Pictures Animation to bring to the screen this new animated series for adults which is described as “an irreverent action comedy that follows Elvis Presley as he lives a double life as a secret agent” and will be seen from the third month of the year, with the interpretation of ‘actor Matthew McConaughy.

‘Agent Elvis’ and its connection to ‘Spiderman: Into the Spider Verse’

Matthew McConaughy se vuelve Elvis Presley en una serie de acción en Netflix
Matthew McConaughy becomes Elvis Presley on Netflix. Photo: Netflix.

Animator Robert Valley of “Love Death + Robots” participates in the production of this new series and, as if that weren’t enough, is also brought to Netflix by the same studio that dealt with the success of “Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse’ which won the 2019 Academy Award for Best Animated Feature and has proven to be a Marvel fan favorite.

Sony Pictures Animation in association with Authentic Brands Group and Titmouse have everything ready to bring to the Netflix screen the 10 chapters of ‘Agent Elvis’ which promises to surprise the audience with a completely unexpected and grotesque story where action and strong emotions will be at every turn of scene.

By Jared Solis

Source: Nacion Flix

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