New images from Season 4 of ‘YOU’ show Joe and his next victim

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New ‘YOU’ season 4 images show Joe and his next victim – Courtesy (Netflix)

While the fourth season premiere of ‘YOU’ approaches Netflix, new images of the story have been revealed on social networks in which the actor Penn Badley He appears once again as the assassin Joe Goldberg, the protagonist of a story with a different name and a totally different appearance from what he had in other chapters.

For “YOU” season 4, Joe Goldberg will change his name and live in London under the guise of Jonathan Moorea university professor who has left his past in the United States behind, even if none of his friends imagine that he is really obsessed with love who is willing to do anything to get what he wants, nor his new girlfriend,

In these Season 4 photographs of ‘YOU’, it can be clearly seen that Joe Goldberg has a new social circle that includes a woman who could very well become his next victim, just like Candace, Beck, Delilah and obviously. obviously Love Quinn. This new actress is Charlotte Ricci and as revealed by Netflix, it will give life to Kate, a cold and calculating woman who almost instantly falls in love with the protagonist.

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In addition to a new girlfriend, Joe Goldberg, or rather Jonathan Moore, will also have a new group of friends, since he left his past in Mother Linda forever after having faked death after killing his wife and fleeing the country to search for his true love, the librarian Marianne, who by the way will also appear in this new season of ‘YOU’.

‘YOU’ sums up its 3 seasons

Before the premiere of its 4th season, the series “YOU” presented a video on social networks in which you can see a summary of everything that happened in the life of Joe Goldberg during 3 seasons, from the fleeting romance with Beck up to the attempt to form a perfect family with the psychopath I love Quinn.

This video, like many other revelations that the series has made through its social network account, has led fans to speculate that actress Victoria Pedretti has returned to “YOU” to bring Love Quinn to life and take revenge on murderer Joe Goldberg. , who this time will become a victim of harassment.

However, the return of Love Quinn seems unlikely and at the moment everything indicates that the series will have a new threat that will put Joe Goldberg’s life at risk as all his secrets are gradually revealed during the first part of the season. which will premiere on February 9 on Netflix.

By Jared Solis

Source: Nacion Flix