Did you forget Lisa Cuddy from House MD? The actress has become even more attractive (photo)

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The star does not sit still.

Lisa Edelstein in the role of an endocrinologist fell in love with many not only for her cheerful appearance, but also for her strong character. No wonder the eccentric Dr. House was interested in her from the start.

But no matter how hard the hero Hugh Laurie tried, he managed to win the heart of the Dean only by the end of the sixth season. True, already in the seventh their relationship broke, because House again returned to the use of illegal substances. Despite the passions on the field, colleagues in life did not become a couple, although the fans dreamed of it.

Lisa Edelstein is married to Robert Russell, an artist. They legalized the union in 2014. The actress still plays in films, and also composes music, writes lyrics and maintains a blog, says 24SMI.

Screenshot “Lisa Edelstein” / Social networks

Photo source: series House Doctor (2004-2012) / Legion-Media

Author: Elizaveta Didenko

Source: Popcorn News