Better kept than Lucas: just look at the handsome Sayid from “Clone”.

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He switched the sixth ten, but hasn’t changed much.

After the release of the series “Clone”, Dalton Vig gained fame all over the world. He played the domineering and jealous Said – Zhadi’s husband. Many viewers compared him to the lover of the heroine, Lucas. And it seemed to most that the tall and stately Said looked much better against his background.

If “Clone” were being filmed now, beautiful Jade might not have thought of running away to Lucas. Murilu Benicio, who played him, has aged much in recent years and has grown a mustache. A few years ago, the actor was overweight.

Photo source: Murilu Benicio screenshot / Social networks

But about the performer of the role of Said, we can say that over the years he is like wine – it only gets more beautiful. Yes, in the 20 years since the release of the series, Dalton Vig has changed – he turned gray, a small network of wrinkles appeared on his face.

Shot from the movie “Division”

But in general, he has not lost his charm. And this despite the fact that Vig is eight years older than Benicio! Apparently, the artist keeps a close eye on himself.

Picture source: Frame from the “Clone” series

Author: Anna Skvortsova

Source: Popcorn News