There is a video game for dogs and we were surprised how well these game pets control it.

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It’s not just kids and teens who are obsessed with video games. This market is so competitive that a British company decided to differentiate itself and start game online for our dogstheir new kids millennials. The goal is for our furry ones to entertain themselves and prolong their sanity at the same time.

At first glance, the JoiPaw dog video game is all about the game Guacamole a lifetime where you have to crush the moles coming out of the holes. Our feathered simply changes the deck taps the touchscreen with his nose. And we would really buy it for how cute they hunted mole.

But the goal goes beyond having fun and turning our furries into toys. players four-legged company trying to make it easy detection of cognitive disorders in dogsLike canine dementia, which is very common in some breeds of dogs that live more than 10 years.

video game dogs

This video game touchscreen dispensing treats when pet is well, a tracker collar that analyzes different aspects of the dog’s life, from the game itself and rest to its steps. as if a smart watch dog! We can now pre-book for 6 euros, which will be deducted from the price when it goes on sale.

video game dogs

Photos | @joipaw.

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