So we will have to look at this typical Spanish dog breed to be fit and healthy.

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Large dog breeds such as Caucasian shepherds need special care that we must take into account if we consider them as our pets. Therefore, today we would like to review The special care your Spanish mastiff will need.

a large area

As it is a large dog we will need a large enough space for it to move freely. For this reason, they are not suitable dog breeds for small apartments. In fact, if we can keep it in a natural habitat, much better.

watch your diet

Spanish Mastiff 3

Although Mastiffs do eat a lot because of their size, they are dogs so we have to be mindful of their quantity. tend to be overweight or obese. The best we can do this way is to let us be guided by our trusted veterinarian who will tell us how. dose and amount meals when adult What do you need to be healthy and strong?

physical exercise

The best thing about these breeds is that they don’t need a lot of daily exercise. In fact, it is enough to devote about thirty minutes a day. Of course if we have a large garden it is better to let them loose so they can run and they will be very happy. In any case, the better by establishing a daily routine for walking.

Spanish Mastiff 2

spanish mastiff character

Despite its size, it is not considered a potentially dangerous breed. In fact, it does very well with children and people, although it does tend to distrust visitors as it is a guard dog, it is still not dangerous.

Additionally, the Spanish mastiff generally has no problem living with other animals, including cats or other dogs.

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