Don’t wait for season 2 of The Squid Game: Netflix already has a great Korean hit (better on all fronts)

Don’t wait for season 2 of The Squid Game: Netflix already has a great Korean hit (better on all fronts)
Don’t wait for season 2 of The Squid Game: Netflix already has a great Korean hit (better on all fronts)

The project has 16 episodes, for one weekend only.

The sequel to The Squid Game will be released at the end of this year, and David Fincher’s British remake is unclear when. Most viewers don’t believe the second season will be successful as they suspect Nrtflix will suck it up to cash in on the hype of the franchise. But “Alice in the Borderland” can’t be accused of anything like that, even if you wanted it to.

The main storylines are similar: the characters of both series undergo a series of survival games to return to normal life. But if you dig deeper, the Korean “Squid” loses to the Japanese “Alice” on every count.

Originality and depth of the plot:

– “Alice in the Borderland”: the plot is based on the manga by Haro Aso and offers a unique concept where the participants find themselves in an alternate reality and are forced to play deadly games. This concept offers many possibilities for original and varied testing.

– “The Squid Game”: the plot focuses on financially desperate people who participate in children’s games with fatal consequences. Despite the exciting plot, it is less varied compared to Alice in Borderland.

Variety of games:

– “Alice in the Borderlands”: The games are linked to cards, each with its own unique set of rules and difficulty levels, making each game unpredictable and interesting.

– “The Squid Game”: Although the games are varied, their number and complexity are limited to children’s games, making the concept less flexible and repeatable.

Characters and their development:

– “Alice in the Borderland”: The characters undergo significant development over the course of two seasons. Their relationships and personal stories play an important role in the plot, making them more nuanced and interesting.

– “The Squid Game”: The characters are also well developed, but the emphasis is often on moral dilemmas and violence, which can limit the emotional depth and complexity.

Visual and production aspects:

– Alice in the Borderland: The series offers impressive visuals and well-designed game scenes. Empty Tokyo creates a unique atmosphere and adds a sense of isolation and mysticism.

– “The Squid Game”: Visually appealing, but the emphasis on violence and shocking moments sometimes overwhelms the storyline.

Mystical and philosophical subtext:

– Alice in Borderland: The series delves into philosophical questions about life and death, adding layers of depth and forcing viewers to consider the meaning of what is happening.

– “The Squid Game”: Despite the social criticism and moral issues, the series focuses more on survival and personal motivation than on philosophical aspects.

All these elements make Alice in Borderland a more complex and varied work, which may be more appealing to audiences looking for deep, layered storytelling and action.

But if you still decide to wait for the sequel to “The Squid Game,” here’s what we know about the British remake, which will also be released on Netflix.

Source: Popcorn News

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