“Office Romance” with the star of “The Squid Game”: 5 new Korean dramas with an unusual plot

“Office Romance” with the star of “The Squid Game”: 5 new Korean dramas with an unusual plot
“Office Romance” with the star of “The Squid Game”: 5 new Korean dramas with an unusual plot

The premise of each of these series alone is enough to make you want to turn them on.

Russian viewers have long rated Asian dramas on the same level as high-profile Western films, and this summer season will be no exception. We offer five fresh premieres at once, originally from South Korea – for every taste, color and genre – and let’s start with time travel.

According to the plot of ‘Grab Sung Jae and Run’, the most popular Korean singer among young people commits suicide, leaving millions of fans across the country in a stupor. Is it really possible that you can no longer see your idol on stage? But Im Sol does not agree with the way things are going and therefore finds a way to return to the past, just to save the pop idol.

Naturally, Im Sol falls in love with young Sun Jae, but they cannot be together because they live in different times. The viewer will have to understand these love conflicts throughout the entire 16 hour episodes.

Another complicated concept will surprise you in “Night Photo Studio”, the main character of which sees ghosts, but is not afraid of them at all. Ghosts have been using the services of So Ki Joo’s studio for decades, while simultaneously dealing with unfinished business in the living world.

“The Graduate” is most reminiscent of “Office Romance” in Korean, and the lead role is played by Wi Ha-jun from “The Squid Game”, who will meet his love, and also, of his own free will, fall to his death will go up the career ladder – from the prestigious positions in the local Silicon Valley to a job as an instructor – and we will wonder why until the end.

‘Connection’ will be reminiscent of the best detective series from the US, in which the main character’s fight against an entire drug empire and mafia clan alternates with the solution to his personal problems, but in ‘Our House’ the charming Kim Hee Sun will be the joining forces with her mother-in-law to save her family.

But you won’t be satisfied with just Korean dramas. Don’t miss “On Automatic”: an action-packed drama about teenagers who decide to sell experimental weapons on the black market.

Author: Alexey Pletkin

Source: Popcorn News

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