The actress who played the role of Zavorotnyuk in the American “Nanny” also suffered from cancer: how it all ended

The actress who played the role of Zavorotnyuk in the American

The foreigner did not completely repeat the fate of her colleague from Russia.

The death of Anastasia Zavorotnyuk after many years of battling cancer becomes even more tragic if we draw parallels with the actress who played the role of a nanny in the American series of the same name, which became the basis for the Russian one. Fran Drescher walked the same path as Zavorotnyuk for a long time, but the end of her road turned out to be completely different.

In 2000, at the age of 43, an American woman received a terrible diagnosis: uterine cancer. The disease was discovered in the early stages of development, and therefore the actress did not give up and, like Zavorotnyuk, threw all her strength into getting rid of a serious illness, the cause of which Drescher years later called … rape.

In 1985, Fran experienced the worst humiliation of her life when several men broke into her home and took the actress at gunpoint. The artist kept her heartbreaking secret until 2022.

“A weakened immune system due to unresolved trauma was one of the reasons for the development of my oncology. I experienced trauma as a rape victim, but I didn’t look at it for years. I didn’t understand the emotional impact this had on me. This is no coincidence,” Drescher assured at the presentation of her book “N is for Nanny!”

And if the memories of the violence she experienced do not allow the actress to sleep peacefully to this day, then she has long forgotten about her oncology. Only two years of procedures and taking expensive drugs caused remission – the celebrity was completely cured, after which she became interested in helping cancer patients and charity.

“I have overcome the most dangerous disease and I want to tell everyone about it. The power lies within ourselves and this is the best medicine,” says America’s most famous babysitter during evening meetings with colleagues in adversity.

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Author: Alexey Pletkin

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