3 new horror films based on Stephen King’s advice: the king of horror did not deceive – it is scary to the point of shaking

3 new horror films based on Stephen King's advice: the king of horror did not deceive - it is scary to the point of shaking

The writer tries to keep up with trends.

The number of film adaptations of Stephen King’s works has long been more than a hundred, but the horror legend does not rest on his laurels and tries to closely follow all new films. Over the past year, the 76-year-old publicist has picked three new movies that could intimidate — and one of them doesn’t even have mystique!

“Airplane” (2023)

For some reason, in the Russian distribution this film was called “Crash”, although in the original it was simply called “Plane”. The pilot, whose role as usual went to Gerard Butler, must save everyone. His plane crashed in the area of ​​enemy invaders who want to plunder the plane and enslave the women.

“This is a project about real fear in flight,” Stephen King admired the film on his social networks and at the same time criticized the next film adaptation of “Children of the Corn.”

“Midnight with the Devil” (2023)

Another horror film about a session of summoning the devil, which unexpectedly did not go according to plan for everyone, and is not at all what it seems. After watching Colin and Cameron Cairns’ film, it completely discourages you from watching fun TV shows in the evening, and it also urges you not to trust beautiful girls who may have an absolute evil hidden inside them.

“It’s just amazing, I couldn’t take my eyes off it! I urge you to watch this horror film as soon as possible,” King sang the praises of horror.

“X” (2023)

The picture with a specific name is nothing more than a tribute to slasher films from the 70s. Mia Goth’s brilliant heroine and her lesser-known fellow actors venture into the wilderness of the farm to have some ‘adult’ fun. Can something go wrong?

“An extremely good horror film. Scary, smart, entertaining,” the writer summarized.

Photo source: Screenshot youtube.com/@stephenking

Author: Alexey Pletkin

Source: Popcorn News

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