I watched “Stuntmen”: Gosling did not save the film, but something deserves praise – I share my opinion

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Lots of action and fighting, little meaning or morality.

“Stuntmen” turned out to be an extremely fascinating spectacle of the “come to the cinema, buy popcorn and turn off your head for a few hours” format. But if you don’t turn it off completely, questions arise.

After ‘Barbie’, Ryan Gosling is once again given a seemingly not-so-typical role. The actor plays a stuntman named Colt Seavers, who suffers a serious injury and leaves the profession… only to dive back into it just a year and a half later, when the opportunity to work with his former director lover looms on the horizon.

However, the ex-passion sees Colt as a subordinate at best, and his anger only slowly turns into mercy after he goes looking for Tom Ryder, the suddenly disappeared main character from the film in which Colt would perform deadly stunts.

The plot is secondary, do not expect unexpected movements – in terms of story, morality and plot, “Barbie” turned out to be much more interesting, but “Stuntmen” competes with others. Action and humor!

Talks about “Dune” and “Furiosa”, spectacular shootings and chases, luxurious musical accompaniment – just like an entertaining film, “Stuntmen” works at full capacity and does not stop until the end. Which, honestly, turned out to be pretty blurry.

But it was hard to expect a 10/10 picture with such a premise, you agree. An unpretentious viewer will probably close their eyes to all the film’s shortcomings and remember ‘that explosion’, ‘that joke’ or ‘that middle finger from Gosling’ long after watching.

Photo source: Still from the movie “Stuntmen”

Author: Alexey Pletkin

Source: Popcorn News

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