Genius Test: 16 Detective Mysteries That Can’t Be Solved

Genius Test: 16 Detective Mysteries That Can't Be Solved

Genius is not that rare.

Who hasn’t dreamed of discovering a talent that can easily make you stand out from the crowd? Such a gift may be the ability to solve detective problems, as this requires not only logical thinking, but also attention, erudition and a penchant for quick analysis.

These 16 riddles that have broken the minds of more than a thousand daredevils will help you test your skills:

Sometimes resourceful tasks can really help in difficult life situations, for example, if a dear fellow traveler turns out to be a maniac. In this collection, the criminal offered the victim a game: guessing the order of the countries he visited. If the answer is correct, the girl will be saved, but if not… Needless to say, the task is not at all as simple as it seems, but it is logical and requires a logical approach.

Do you remember the once-popular task of finding differences between two identical images? Scientists are convinced that this is not just entertainment for children, but a way to increase concentration, calmness and improve the memory of any adult.

Developed attention and perseverance in achieving goals, which can be easily developed by solving such riddles and puzzles, will serve every Russian. According to official data, employers across the country are looking for precisely these qualities in applicants. Schoolchildren and students should not relax either: tests and exams often include tasks for ingenuity and the ability to notice subtle details.

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Author: Vasilisa Mironova

Source: Popcorn News

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