She starred in one of Gaidai’s films and disappeared: what happened to the bad girl from “Operation Y” (photo)

She starred in one of Gaidai

She did not want to continue her film career.

The movie “Operation Y” was remembered by television viewers not only for its funny plot and comic situations, but also for the colorful characters that made people fall in love with them for decades. One of them was the mischievous girl Lena, who did not give Shurik any rest and constantly demanded attention.

It was predicted that a little artist named Tatyana Gradova would have a great future in the cinema, but her fate turned out very differently. She never appeared in another film.

The girl accidentally came to the set. Her parents lived next door to Leonid Gaidai. When he saw the baby in the garden, he offered her a small role. Ultimately, she didn’t like filming.

Gradova connected her life to art, but in a different way. She works as an editor for a record company and produces several audiobooks. The 65-year-old actress recently became a grandmother and tries to spend her free time with her family. She recalls with particular trepidation her experience of working with Gaidai, as mentioned in the program “Secrets of Soviet Cinema.”

Still from the program “Secrets of Soviet Cinema”

Photo source: Still from the film “Operation Y and Shurik’s Other Adventures” (1965)

Author: Ekaterina Adamova

Source: Popcorn News

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