“More and more nude”: Fans hunted Eda from “Knock on my door” for candid photos

No one appreciated the spicy shots.

It seems that the actress Hande Erçel has finally spoiled her reputation. The celebrity published such photos, which are embarrassing not only for the Turks, but also for Russian fans.

Each time the Eda on the screen of Knock on My Door looks less and less like itself. The star is downright naked in front of the camera, not embarrassed by anyone.

But such spicy shots shock even worldly Europeans, what can we say about the actress’s compatriots. That is why Erchel again met with a deluge of negative comments.

Fans are perplexed and cannot understand what happened to Hande, is it possible that her behavior was so affected by the breakup with Kerem Bursin. But the star’s neckline gets deeper and the skirts get shorter.

“As thin as a toothpick, a nightmare”, “Did you look in the mirror before you went out?”, “There is nothing left of the charming girl”, “Dresses are beautiful, but not this orange”, ” More and more nude with every photo” , “Chest ready, or what?” – the people in the comments under the photo do not spare the famous actress.

Screenshot of “Hande Erçel” / Social networks

Picture source: frame from the series “Knock on my door”

Author: Olga Komarova

Source: Popcorn News

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