Heirs Announced: Who Gets Tina Turner’s Expensive Real Estate

Heirs Announced: Who Gets Tina Turner's Expensive Real Estate

The artist was far from poor.

For the past ten years, life has tested Tina Turner for strength. But in the end, the singer lost in the battle against multiple ailments and diseases. Now, however, the question remains who will get her huge inheritance.

Turner has been in serious relationships three times and has had two children. However, the eldest son died in 2018 and the youngest died in December 2022 from multiple illnesses. All this greatly crippled the health of the star.

In 2013, the artist married music producer Erwin Bach. The couple met for 27 years, and only after a while did the relationship legalize. Officially, it is the husband who is the heir to the star. But not everything is so simple.

Married to Ike Turner, the singer adopted two of his heirs – Ike Jr. and Michael. Both are still alive, but it is unknown whether they can claim the inheritance. The fact is that all the singer’s real estate is in Switzerland, whose citizenship she took many years ago, refusing an American passport.

Photo source: Photo bank – legion-media.ru

Author: Olga Komarova

Source: Popcorn News

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