From cute boy to criminal: Major Payne’s Cadet Tiger Cub has an unenviable fate (pictured)

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From cute boy to criminal: Major Payne's Cadet Tiger Cub has an unenviable fate (pictured)

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Despite a successful career, problems constantly arise in the life of a star.

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Actor Orlando Brown started working as an actor from the age of seven. The audience already remembered him at this age for the movie “Major Payne”. There he played the cadet Tiger Cub, who fears fictional outlaws from his closet and pisses while standing in the ranks.

Now the artist is already 35 years old and starred in 52 films. Quite a rewarding career. However, this did not save the star from crime. In 2016, he was charged with burglary, resisting a police officer and domestic violence. In 2018 he was briefly in prison for drug possession.

Last year, the artist was again detained on charges of domestic violence. According to TMZ, police were called and told there was a brawl going on at the actor’s home.

Picture source: YouTube “Dr. Phil”

Picture source: Shot from the movie “Dr. Payne”

Author: Anastasia Pirogova

Source: Popcorn News

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