Two common items in a kennel are all you need to make the ultimate stimulation toy for your best friend.

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If we talk about our pets, we are very concerned about their health, happiness and living as well as possible. We are up to date with innovations Animal Welfare Lawwe care the thought we give them and we do our best to buy them all the toys our salary allows.

And although we can even buy toys from stores like Lidl (we love itfor example), making them at home with our own hands is so easy that going to the store makes us much lazier than it is. Combine this stimulation ball with a few things we definitely have at home.

DIY toy to revive our dog

As this TikTok explained to us, “For our dog, sniffing for ten minutes is the same as running down the street. thirty minutes at the level of mental stimulation”. Best of all, we only need three towels and some trinkets (like the ones for dogs that sold for $200 million on Amazon). €12,99).

Arquivet Biscuits – Biscuits for Dogs – Snacks for Dogs – Mini vanilla bones – Treats, sweets and treats – Complementary food for dogs – 2.5 kg

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@_thewolfefamily He’s smart. He’s cute 🐶 🐾 #mentalenrichment #mentalenrichmentfordogs #dogtok #dogtoys #couples #fyp ♬ original sound – WolfeFam

We just put sugar on different parts of the towels and roll them like in the video. After wrapping, we place them on top of each other and tie a knot until we get a kind. giant towel ball that our dog will sniff and bite into until he finds sweets that we would be hidden in the cloth.

We could have bought a stuffed toy like the Kong we found at Kiwoko. €9.99but you know what to do with toys do it yourself we love it and our dogs too.

KONG CLASSIC RED Treat Holder for size XXL dogs.

KONG CLASSIC RED Treat Holder for size XXL dogs.

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